What is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (a.k.a.Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a way to get relief for all manner of physical and emotional issues. EFT works because you have unresolved emotional issues which are preventing your progress. This is the case no matter what it is you are trying to improve. Using EFT resolves these issues, making progress simpler than ever before.

At first it isn’t easy to understand why it also helps with physical conditions (most people will need some convincing that it even helps with emotional!). Anyone with a physical disorder will tell you that their symptoms get worse under stress or strain. This is a tell tale sign that issues can be relieved (if not resolved) through emotional correction.

EFT is used for physical issues without having to delve too deeply into the emotional cause; but for longstanding problems a thorough inquiry is likely to get the best results.

The idea is to clear as many of these unresolved emotional issues as you can. This could be by yourself (with my free guide), in a group or with a qualified EFT practitioner. The further you get working through your own personal list of issues the more natural and balanced you will feel.

You will be able to achieve a higher level of performance in many areas, have fuller relationships, be more in control of your life and achieve better emotional and physical health all round.

It isn’t unreasonable to say that almost everyone on the planet is carrying unresolved emotional issues which could be alleviated with EFT if not resolved altogether. Imagine just for a moment, that world where everyone is carrying less emotional issues than we are used to! What a difference that could make for a world so desperate in need of a positive change for the better.

EFT Often Works Where Nothing Else Will

One of the best sayings associated with EFT is that it often works where nothing else will. This may be overstated now that the technique has grown, been adapted and evolved into other forms of energy healing; but it was certainly true when it was first invented back in the 90’s by Gary Craig.

Craig was an engineer in California who was familiar with the work of Dr Roger Callahan (who invented TFT, Thought Field Therapy). TFT was a more complex and detailed technique than EFT.  It took the Acupuncture points individually and created a system for tapping on certain points for specific conditions or emotions.

Craig took this system and being the engineer he is, asked which points are absolutely necessary to tap on to deliver the most progress in the least time. With that, EFT was born by simplifying TFT into one simple to learn sequence that can be applied for all issues. You can learn this sequence aka The Basic Recipe by clicking here.EFT founder Gary Craig

The reason it works where nothing else will is because it works so differently! Nothing like it has been seen before and the results were phenomenal when compared to what I consider now extremely old fashioned methods such as ‘talk therapy’ (psychotherapy).

Sorry if that upsets anyone but results are the only the only thing that concerns me and EFT’s results speak for themselves.

Try it on Everything

The other famous statement Craig made was ‘Try it on Everything!’ And why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The worst that can happen is nothing, but what is more likely is that you will feel much better (i.e. more relaxed) than you did before you started.  But there is of course the possibility that you will in fact clear some disruption and not feel a little better, but a whole lot better!

This is the point of EFT, try it! You don’t have to even know how or why it works! (I’ll try my best to explain that in later posts). Just give it a try and see if it works for you.

How does EFT tapping work? This is a great question! One that I didn’t understand at all when I first started tapping over 12 years ago. To be fair it isn’t easy to explain even now, but I have done my best to explain how I personally think it works.

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